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Let freedom ring. Not your phone.

why put your phone away

Here's the Deal 

Smart phone technology is changing our society. People now have instant access to other people, news, entertainment, games and online tools – more than ever before. When used properly, and in moderation, smart phones are a great resource that helps people in countless ways. Advances in technology can help keep you connected to friends, family and communities – both personal and professional, instantly and all the time. Entertainment is in the palm of your hands with music, movies, TV shows and YouTube content that is virtually endless. Have a super-specific question about a random topic? Your smart phone has the answer in seconds. Want to buy something while you’re sitting on the toilet? You can even do that. But at what cost? 

Free yourself from your smart phone. Individuals in our society are quickly becoming less engaged with the people around them, abandoning the virtue of patience, losing the ability to enjoy quiet time, taking real-life chances with risky and dangerous behavior, and creating a generation of people who would rather look at a screen than the person standing next to them. With smart solutions available from our Phone Away website, you can finally find the freedom to experience life—the way you know it should be.

The choice is yours.

Individual results will vary, and we ask that each person take the right step that works for them, but it’s our mission to find creative options that will meet your specific needs. We don’t offer any guarantees or warranties for any of the products that we link on our site – that’s up to you to find on your own. What we do offer is a resource created by common sense ideas to help you make good choices with your smart phones.


What’s in it for us?

We want to help people slow down and enjoy life. We think it’s important to give people the resources to acknowledge the idea that smart phones are changing the way people interact with each other. And we’re committed to providing products that will help changes lives. To help offset our development costs, we are part of the Amazon Affiliate program and we do get a commission on all sales (it doesn’t affect your price for the products listed). We truly appreciate your support in our mission and we hope to touch as many lives as possible. Together we can really make a difference.


77% of all adults think it is generally OK for people to use their cellphones while walking down the street and 75% believe it is OK for others to use phones on public transit. But only 38% think it is generally OK for others to use cellphones at restaurants and just 5% think it is generally OK to use a cellphone at a meeting.
Pew Research Center

89% of cellphone owners say they used their phone during the most recent social gathering they attended.
Pew Research Center

23% of cellphone owners say that when they are in public spaces they use their phone to avoid interacting with others who are nearby at least on occasion.
Pew Research Center

Today, an estimated 31 million kids - 10.5 million of them pre-teens - are on their cell phones on average 3.75 hours a day. That's a lot of close exposure to microwave radiation. Holding a cell phone near your head is like holding a low-powered microwave oven close to your brain.

According to a recent study by San Francisco-based Common Sense Media, 38% of babies under 2 use tablets or smartphones, up from 10% in 2011.

The Washington Post reported that nearly 40 percent of children between the ages of two and four — in other words, toddlers — play with mobile devices. A 2012 Nielsen study indicated that most people who own tablets give them to their kids to play with. And, according to Parenting Magazine, 31 million kids are on their cell phones on average nearly four hours per day.

46.5% of adults are cell-only today.
Pew Research Center

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Smart Phone Statistics

Pew Research Center
68% of Americans have smartphones. 86% of those ages 18-29 have a smartphone, as do 83% of those ages 30-49 and 87% of those living in households earning $75,000 and up annually.
Zagby Analytics
87% of Millennials say that their smart phone never leaves their side, while 80% say that that first thing they do in the morning is reach for their smart phone. In addition, 78% of Millennials spend more than two hours each day using their smart phone.
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