Top 5 Games for Family Game Night

Restore family game night without electronics

Top 5 Games for Family Game Night

Posted by admin at 4:19 PM on Oct 20, 2021




Whether it’s parental guilt, a deep longing for simpler times or just the need to keep the chant of “I’m bored” at bay, moms and dads all over the world are looking for ways to keep electronics from eating away at their precious family time. While television has historically been the main “thief of childhood experiences,” cell phones are quickly becoming the number one distraction in the household. 

After a long week of busy work schedules, countless school activities, mandatory sports practices, play rehearsals and a collection of planned (and unplanned) events that keep us from spending quality time together, it’s really easy to let everyone “do their own thing” on Friday and Saturday nights.

“They deserve a rest,” you might say. “I deserve one too,” is probably more accurate.

You know deep down that with all of the hustle and bustle that life brings, no one is going to remember watching yet another “YouTube” video. Or some random Netflix movie. Or even recall some mind-numbing group text that lasted for hours – without any true content, feelings or thoughts involved.

A few months ago, I went into my pre-teen daughter’s room and she was lying on her bed and staring into her phone – not saying a word. It turns out, she was watching her friend “watch” a YouTube video about some sort of toy unboxing. They weren’t talking. They weren’t learning anything new. They were just existing. Existing together in a sea of nothingness that was instantly forgotten just minutes later.

The next day, I decided to resurrect an old family tradition that has definitely brought our family closer together: Family Game Night.

Consistency is the Key
Whether you commit to weekly (or bi-weekly) game nights, your kids know that they can rely on a regular time to get your attention. They know that every family game night is special and you will allow them to help you in the planning – this includes game choice, snacks, drinks and even music. It’s hard work to plan each event, but they will remember the hot chocolate, goofy faces, popcorn fights, 80s dance moves, and actual time spent with them for the rest of their lives. Of course, it also gives them a chance to talk about what’s going on in their lives, to learn about winning and losing, and to know that they are important enough to rate a whole evening with their parents. It’s also great to help siblings form bonds so they don’t kill each other during the week.

Top 5 Games to Restore Family Game Night Without Electronics
Obviously this is a very subjective list. However, since Phone Away was designed to help bring people back to a time before phones were ruining family time everywhere, we’ve decided to include a list of the classics. Also, you’ll notice that most of the games we listed are for older kids – we included those by design since that’s when phones start causing the most damage. There are certainly a bunch of age-appropriate games for younger kids that aren’t on the list. Finally, there’s a good chance that you already have all (or most) of the games we listed somewhere in a box in your attic. If not, our friends at Amazon can get them to you in no time at all.

1. Monopoly

2. Clue

3. Life

4. Trivial Pursuit

5. Pictionary

We hope you enjoy your next family game night. And most importantly, it’s our mission to help you put your phone away and find your life again. If you enjoyed this blog post, please share it with your friends and family. We sincerely appreciate your support.


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