Phone Management Products

Change the behavior, change the outcome

We created the Phone Away website to help you take control of your smart phone. Physically take control. We believe that the act of physically putting phones away will help individuals, families, schools, organizations and communities break the addiction to smart phones. If you can’t see your phone, you can’t check your phone. It’s our goal to help you put your phone away and go on with your day.

Common-Sense Solutions for an Uncommon Time

We believe that smart phones are changing the way people engage with each other. With the increase in cell phone usage, we also see a decrease in eye contact, human interaction, intimacy, attention spans and personal relationships. As data exposure and overload increases, quiet time and reflection decreases. We’re not anti-phone, just pro-people. The products we selected on this website are meant to help inspire your own unique solutions. Everyone is different and the choice is up to you. Truth be told, the easiest thing to do would be just to turn off your phone and use it only when you truly need it. We’re afraid that horse has already left the barn.