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When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, your smart phone just might be the enemy that’s robbing you of your zzz’s. Unless there’s a good reason that you need your phone right next to your bed (for safety or security), you might consider keeping the phone in a different room while you sleep. Check out these great charging solutions that will help you stay in charge of your life. Where you ultimately place these chargers is totally up to you. 


  • FLECK CS008 has a clever design which allows the DC/USB cables to be wound neatly around itself for easy cable storage , makes the desktop clean and tidy
  • FLECK CS008 includes 8 Powered USB ports and 8 slots can charges and stores every thing ! This sleek-looking unit neatly stores AND charges up to 8 smartphones / tablets at once! Also works with cameras, headsets, speakers & more
  • FLECK CS008 is made of V0 fireproof material and also provides surge protection on each port, it will charge your devices safer . Built-in smart charging chipset provides determines the charge needed for your device, delivering a steady and safe charge
  • Technical parameters:8A, 125V; Rated power : 1000W ; USB Output: 5V-2.4Ax4; 5V-1Ax4 / MAX 12A

BUY NOW - FLECK CS008 8-Port Desktop Universal Charging Station Multi-Device Dock,Organizer,Stand, USB Charger Clever Design For Easy Cable Storage For iPhone iPad Smartphone PC Tablets etc (White)

  • KEEP MULTIPLE DEVICES ORGANIZED AND CHARGED. Power and charge up to 10 USB powered devices simultaneously, including iPhones, iPads, Smartphones, Tablets and other compatible USB powered devices
  • AUTO DETECTION SMART IC is integrated with each charging port for maximum charging efficiency, and ports provide up to 2.4 A maximum power output.
  • 8 INDIVIDUAL OPEN SLOTS fit and hold most of tablets or smartphones while charging, keep your desktop / workstation / countertop organized and reduce clutters
  • NON-SLIP PADDED DECK serves as an extention to accommodate additional devices chargers, such as Bluetooth earphones, speakers or smartwatches.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT ELEGANT LED AMBIENT LIGHT offers extra gadgets for easy access during the night, controlled with a power switch

BUY NOW - SIIG 96W 10-Port USB Charging Station with Ambient Light Deck - Black (AC-PW1314-S1)