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Nothing kills a customer experience more than a “worker” who is glued to his phone. We’ve all been there, in a restaurant or at a retail location, and we’ve seen someone who is “supposed to help us” taking a call, sending a text or just flat-out ignoring us.

If your workers are constantly checking their phones and finding themselves “less than engaged” with your business, you might consider offering a storage alternative at work. Of course, it’s up to you to decide what works best for your organization. We simply offer some starter ideas that might be useful. 

Physical Phone Storage Solutions for Teachers & Schools

Not all school districts allow students to bring phones to class. However, if they can keep their phone in your classroom and you need a way to help them safely and securely put the phone away—here are some ideas that might help maintain order. Keep in mind, that this is a fairly touchy subject, so it’s ultimately up to you (and your administration) to provide the right solution that works for you. As in all ideas provided on this site, we’re just offering suggestions. The right product, and execution of your policy, is completely your choice.


  • Comes with 4 hooks that let it hang from silver/metal bar thingy at the top of the white board or over the door
  • Perfectly works to store students cell phones and small calculators
  • Each pocket size is: 4 W x 4 3/4 D inch, fits even the largest models of cell phones
  • Numbered for each pocket, easy to find the cell phones
  • Total 42 pockets, 26 W x 43 1/3 H inches

BUY NOW - Misslo Numbered Classroom Pocket Chart for Cell Phones, 42 Pockets

  • Made of durable canvas and transparent PVC, easy clean
  • Measurements: 23.6''W x 35.4''L; each pocket 3.9''W x 4.7''L, ideal to hold calculators, phones, socks, jewelry, cards, keys, small stoys
  • 36 numbered pockets, come with 4 metal hooks, easy to hang at the top of board, desk, closet or over the door
  • Small pocket chart, classroom organizer, storage in flat

BUY NOW - Hanging Pocket Chart Classroom Cell Phone Holder Calculator Storage Organizer with Hooks Transparent 36 Pockets

Nothing kills a customer experience more than an employee who is glued to his smartphone. Hello, I am trying to check out here.

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